BD Jewelry


The logo features a simple and minimalist design, giving it three dimensions: Contemporaneity, Versatility, and Timelessness.

It consists of the brand name along with three diamond shapes, reminiscent of jewelry and brilliance. There are two smaller diamonds representing the founders and a larger diamond in the center representing the customer, who is always the most important.

Quality: Our pieces have an Italian refinement, and the stones are carefully selected. Combined with our elegant designs, BD Jolas prides itself on being a brand with a strong focus on quality.

Versatility: BD Joias is a brand in constant change. If the customer changes, BD changes too. We are always ready to adapt to our customers and to change not only for them but with them.

Storytelling: Everyone has a story to tell. Therefore, BD Jolas always strives for its products to create a memorable moment for its customers, thus helping them build their story.

Timelessness: Jewelry is forever, and stories should be too. Therefore, our brand seeks to create moments and stories that, like jewelry, can last forever and be passed down through generations.