Exclusiva Club


This project represented the creation of an innovative website/system aimed at activating benefits, acting as a bridge between clients and stores, specifically targeting residents of luxury condominiums in the city of Teresina, Piauí. Focusing on providing a differentiated user experience, the development employed HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL without the use of frameworks, aiming to create intuitive and distinct interfaces for administrators, stores, and clients.

One of the major emphases was the efficient integration with WhatsApp, using the Tsuru API to notify both clients and stores about the activation of benefits. This functionality enabled agile communication, facilitating sales and purchases after benefit activation.

Upon completion and delivery of the project to Nova Comunicação, the objective of creating a platform that effectively connects clients and stores was achieved, offering a customized solution for activating benefits in luxury condominiums, reinforcing the link between consumers and establishments in an innovative way.