Make !t | Design Studio


The logo aims to represent the values of make !t to the fullest. Simplicity and vibrant colors are key. They represent creativity and the idea that the brand is the foundation upon which they will build something together with the client.

The idea of standing out is also very important. It shows that the brand enables the client to create something unique. And the backward and colorful "i," along with the eye-catching palette, help convey this.

Furthermore, the choice of primary colors meticulously represents its values. They give the idea of a foundation and countless possibilities. There is no better way to represent all the colors that exist than with the ones that make them up.

The mood!ts are created from the exclamation point of the brand and aim to illustrate various emotions. Their goal is to reflect the charisma and fun of make !t in a more intuitive and visual way.

The mood!ts can represent all kinds of emotions, whether positive or negative, because all are important and deserve to be represented.

Work done in collaboration with Portuguese illustrator and designer Tiago Oliveira