Terceiro Miranda | General Doctor


Dr. Terceiro Miranda, a general practitioner committed to a unique vision of medicine, sought a visual identity that reflected his humanistic approach to the individualized care of each patient. The challenge was to translate this unique perspective into an identity that conveyed trust, authority, and closeness to a broad audience, ranging from adults to the elderly.

Our strategy began with a deep understanding of Miranda's vision. He saw medicine as a commitment to look beyond symptoms, focusing on the person, not just the patient. The visual identity was conceived around the concept of "Três Romano" - the representation of the three letters 'i' in his name, artistically transformed into three figures holding hands. This icon symbolizes Miranda's humanistic approach: a commitment to connection, care, and mutual support between doctor and patient.

The core of this project was the creation of a personalized logo that incorporated this unique representation, conveying not only professionalism but also human warmth. Additionally, all of the doctor's stationery was carefully designed to reflect this cohesive identity, from prescription pads to business cards and stamps.

The implementation of this new branding resulted in a brand that not only projects authority and trust but also establishes a tangible sense of closeness for the patient. The initial feedback was extremely positive, highlighting the originality and the brand's ability to convey Miranda's core values in medical practice.